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Artist Profile

My name is Christina Marshall and love being in the creative field of art and design. For me who has been interested in experimenting with different art materials such as, painting, drawing, embroidery, mixed media (collagining), graphic design and UX design. 


Across the whole of my website I have examples of each of the art materials that I have explored. When I create different styles of work, I like to be playful with the colours that I use. What I mean by this is, not being rigid as to where I place certain colours so that a relaxed feel can be shown. 


I always like showing my true colours when creating exciting artwork. To me as a creative person, I like thinking outside of the box so that I can be more playful with the artwork that I create. When becoming more explorative over the last couple of years towards the artwork I do, has made me become so confident and expressive


20264953_10214182537946882_382116026069001831_n (1).jpg


GCSE’S) 5 A-C grades including english and maths 


I studied at Hornsey School For Girls and got my GCSE'S From there. It was a enjoyable experience and that's where I knew my spark of art was there. From there I studied at Alexandra Park Sixth Form where I studied Art, History and Photography. 


BA Fine Arts 
Chelsea College of Arts 

I studied BA Fine Arts for 3 years where I learned how to become more explorative with the ideas that I came up with. Also did a dissertation as well alongside that which was interesting as that was based on mental health


Graphic design BTEC distinction
Westminster Adult Education Service

I studied Graphic design at Westminster Adult education which was so much, we designed book covers, t-shirt designs, cartons, posters, stamps, lyric cards/ CDS covers, boxes. 


In this exciting section of my website are some of my carnival graphic design pieces. These pieces involve the sense of traditional, cultural elements. This amazing graphic design piece that I created is called carnival of inspiration. I created this using graphic design pens and photoshop I enjoy the colourful sense that London has to offer when it comes to traditional, cultural and festivals especially carnivals.

My Paintings 


Crouch End with A Clock Tower

My paintings are very different to my graphic design pieces. Within the paintings that I create, they are more structured on places that I love in London. For example, Crouch End With a Clock Tower (which is this image right here). 

I tend to always use my paintings and have them as prints, cards and postcards which I display at amazing markets. Some areas I sell at are Walthamstow and one of the biggest places that I will be selling my work which is at the 150th Party at Alexandra Party 23rd 2023.

Tottenham Heritage

High Cross Pub

I love creating paintings on where I was born which

is Tottenham. So what I have been doing is painting 

different places around the area such as, High Cross Pub, The Beehive Pub, Bluecoats Pub and many more places. 

I just always enjoy working between different mediums to allow myself to become more multidisciplinary artist. What I mean by this is my excitement of working within embroidery, drawing, graphic design, UX design, painting with acrylic paints and glitter paints. 

Developing different types of knowledge within the creative field has allowed me to become more open-minded about the different ways I decide to create a new type of work

My drawing are also a very exciting part of my creative practice. When it comes to drawing, I like drawing portraits of people, for example Zayn Malik, Charlie Puth, Niall horan and many more interesting people.

I always make my drawings as realistic as they can be. This involves using different types of pencils like, HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, 2H. Going along a variety of tonal variations to make the portraits I do, delicate and clean.

Mainly I like to allow myself to be open-minded within the way that I draw and create new portraits. To be honest I am very proud of all the pieces of art that I have done so far. 

Alexandra Palace Market 

Screenshot 2023-05-23 at 13.47.03.png

I am so happy that I got selected to be one of the traders at the 150 party at Alexandra Palace. Over the years I have sold my work at markets which have taken place in Walthamstow and Wood Street. Now in the year of 2023 this is a massive moment for me because this is the biggest event that I have ever been apart of. 

UX Design

Screenshot 2023-04-03 at 14.29.43.png

I am currently studying UX Design on the google certificate course on coursera which is so fun. I have recently completed the first part of the course which was 'The Foundations of UX Design'. 

To me UX Design has very intriguing because it is something that I have never done before. My main end result is to create a concert merchandise app for a Jazz Band which i'm definitely looking forward to doing. 




Screenshot 2023-05-06 at 15.07.44.png

When it comes to my paintings with an ice rink, I always like to create a sense of delicacy and calm when creating them. The places I paint with an ice rink are places in the UK which I enjoy going to. 

Looking through the styles of the creative industry that I am interested in.It allows me to feel excited, amazed, intrigued by how I can keep on being inspired by the way I look, paint and creative different items.



I love doing embroidery pieces because it relaxes me. With the use of different vibrant and solid colours allows the embroidery piece I have created stand out more towards the audience. I have always enjoyed using a variation of colours within the embroidery, graphic design and paintings that I create. Embroidery is a new skill that I recently got into and I absolutely love it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who would like to try a new skill. I would also recommend UX design too because it is also interesting. The reason as to why I have said that, is because both it's another area that focuses on the user (putting the user in the front and centre).



Another area within the creative industry that I like to focus on is illustration. I like creating imagery places and also different types of clothes on illustrated models. I like how I am also playful when experimenting with different ranges of graphic design pens, and then develop the idea within either photoshop or illustrator.

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