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Alexandra Palace 150th Party

It was a great achievement to be selected to be one of the artists at the 150th Party at Alexandra Palace. The art ranged from graphic design works, paintings, prints to cards.

Over the years I have always dreamed of being part of such a massive event so i was really excited for this to become reality. The power of 2023 has so far being my year of being able to show my artwork of. Showing how creative I truly am and feeling confident in the different styles that I work in. 

The size of the event was truly spectacular. I'm proud of myself for getting to be part of this epic event.

27TH MAY 2023


Alexandra Palace Map
Alexandra Palace Painting that I created

I featured this is the painting of Alexandra Palace for the occasion. At Alexandra Palace there was a massive demand for having prints of the location. For the original piece I used both acrylic and glitter paints. I absolutely loved expressing a range of colour in the painting. I also sold this as limited prints for the event. 

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