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Alexandra Palace Painting

This painting of Alexandra Palace I constructed this in a unconventional way, playing around with different colours and placing the ice rink outside of the palace. 

Creating using acrylic and glitter paints. I chose to paint this on a canvas board. I focused on the feel of the iconic landmark rather than factual details to give the piece a sense of freedom and movement. 

I've always loved to pull and play around with the way that I paint., the types of paint brushes that I use as well.

When it comes to my paintings featuring an ice rink, I always like to create a sense of delicacy and calm when creating them. The places I paint with an ice rink are places in the UK which I enjoy going to.

Looking at the many different & evolving styles of the creative industry. It allows me to feel excited, amazing, intrigued by how I can keep on being inspired by the way I look, paint and create different images.

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