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Carnival of Dreams 

This stunning piece is in correspondence to the graphic design piece that I created called 'Carnival of Inspiration'. I decided to take a step further and do a even more detailed piece of work. I created this using graphic design pens and photoshop.

For this piece I chose to use different shades of blue to create a more calming feel within this graphic design piece.

Screenshot 2023-05-23 at 13.02.51.png

Carnival Of Light

This is another of my carnival graphic design pieces that I am proud of. This piece is called 'carnival of light'. 

For this piece I used graphic design pens and photoshop. I enjoy being explorative with colourful elements within the creative arts. Being playful and experimental with the colours I use, allows me to feel a sense of traditional, culture and comfort.


I have always had fun when creating a new piece of work because, I love how the audience responds to the work that I create.  

carnival of mosaics (1).jpg

This awesome piece is called 'carnival of mosaic's'. I chose to call this piece that name because of how I decided to make the piece more mysterious, structured in a very odd fashion. 

I like adding a form of pattern to the graphic design pieces that I create to show a sense of excitement depending in how I decide to draw the image. I used both graphic design pens and photoshop to create this stunning piece. 

Carnival of Mosaic's 

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